• This all-time favorite Shushybye music CD really FEELS LIKE MAGIC - that's because FEELS LIKE MAGIC, along with ITS A SHUSHY DAY, PILLOW PARK ROCK, SHUSHYBYE BOOGIE TONIGHT, THE SHUSHYBYE BLUES, THE SNORT AND WHEEZ THEME SONG, CLOSE YOUR EYES, ITS EVENING among even more (11 tracks in all!) make up this totally awesome must have music CD!
  • Snoozles pays a special visit to the home of twins who keep missing their bedtime...and brings them and their mommy and daddy to Shushybye!  We cordially invite you to take your tiny tots to the land where dreams are made...featuring a glow-in-the-dark front cover and a most wondrous enclosed audio CD featuring all the Shushy dialogue (and Shushybye songs) - making CLOSE YOUR EYES a perfect parent-child bedtime event! 
  • Here's your chance to grab hold of the newest music CD sensation in Shushybye - MY NEWEST BEST FRIEND! Your precious little ones - and you! - will love such Shushybye award-winning original songs as I WANT TO THANK YOU, WAKE UP ZEEZ, DO THE SHUSHY MAMBO, THERE'S A STAR, I REALLY LOVE TO GO TO SLEEP, MY NEWEST BEST FRIEND and more (14 wondrous tracks in all!)!  
  • A Must-Have Music CD For All Shushybye Families! Shushybye and Goodnight The Deluxe Edition features 16 Shushybye favorites including:The Shushybye Theme Song, We Love The Shushies, Now's The Time (To Go Shushybye), In A Land We Call Shushybye, The Shushybye Dream Song, Do The Shushy Dance, Shushybye and Goodnight, Snoozles In My Room, The Dream Wish Song, Snoozles Won’t You Come Out To Play, A Shushybye Lulllaby, A Nighttime Prayer and more!
  • This acclaimed read-along and sing-along storybook is sure to inspire children to look forward to sleep time. Parents can read the sweet story with their child, then together they can listen to the original songs and lullabies on the companion CD! And what is the SLEEPOVER SURPRISE? Well...you'll just have to find out!!
  • Get Ready To Rock! The Multi-Award Winning Shushybye LIVE On Tour CONCERT DVD! The Shushybye Live On Tour Concert DVD is a full live concert starring Shushybye lead singer Michael North together on stage with SNOOZLES, DOZIE, ZEEZ, THE SHUSHYBYE KING and CONDUCTOR MCCLOUD as they perform 17 of Shushybye’s most fave songs in front of an interactive audience of children and parents for a charming sing-along celebration of bedtime.
  • All 26 episodes of the endearing SHUSHYBYE BABY TV show can all be found on this 3-DVD set!  All the Shushy colorful characters, fun-filled stories, healthy sleep tips -- and especially music (56 music videos in all!) are here to enjoy each night as part of the all-important bedtime ritual.  
  • Shushybye fans everywhere dig the tunes included in MOON-FM!  Songs like SHUSHY SWING, DREAM ON, UP IN SHUSHYBYE, WE'RE SNOOZLES, DOZIE AND ZEEZ, DO IT, THE DREAM COACH SONG, ALL ABOARD MY SHIP (CAPTAIN YAWN THEME SONG), GOODNIGHT LULLABY, MOON-FM and more!  14 wondrous tracks in all!  Bring MOON-FM home TODAY!
  • With such Shushybye fan favorites as COMES A BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW, OUR SWEET DOZIE, MR. MOONLIGHT, TIME TO TUCK YOU IN, GOODNIGHT DOZIE, THE MEANING OF LOVE and many others - 14 tracks in all! - it’s time to bring home TIME TO TUCK YOU IN!


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