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The Award-Winning and Critically-Acclaimed Dream-
Themed Television Series For The Entire Family

MOON-FM is the #1 radio station in Shushybye!   The Shushies love rockin’ out to all the latest hits on the Bedboard charts from their favorite Shushybye bands such as The Sleeptones, The Bedbugs and, of course The Dreamsters and the Shushybye Dream Band.  Now your family can tune into Shushybye Radio MOON-FM coming to you live and direct from Nap Valley – just click here!

The Wondrous World of Shushybye

Launched on BabyFirst in 2006, Shushybye is the original dream-themed world of fun and imagination designed to help encourage children to look forward to nap time and bedtime – knowing that the Shushies are busy preparing their dreams.  For families around the world, Shushybye is a loving, nurturing – and musical – part of their all-important nightly bedtime ritual.  Shushybye and Goodnight!

Check it out – and bring home the wonder and magic of Shushybye for your precious little ones!

Dozie, a very smart Shushy who always comes up with great ideas, loves to dance and has a bit of a crush on Snoozles. Children can always rely on Dozie for the most wondrous dreams along with her sweetness and joy.

Zeez, a totally cool Shushy who calls everyone ‘dude,’ makes very creative dreams. He also digs the Shushybye Dream Band, but there’s nothing Zeez likes to do more than sleep. Zeez always enjoys meeting new children, and he knows how to be a good friend.

As the Shushybye King’s Official Helper, Snoozles is the main Shushy in all of the land. The Shushybye King gave Snoozles a magic dream wand that Snoozles waves to visit children and can even bring them and their parents back to Shushybye. Snoozles is a fun-loving and very caring Shushy.

A highly comical pair, Snort and Wheez drive the rickety Dream Van to pick up completed dream boxes from the Dreamery and bring them to Captain Yawn’s Dream Ship for nightly delivery to sleeping children. There is a large fleet of Dream Vans, but Snort and Wheez are stuck with the van that tends to break down on the Shushybye Skyways.

The regal Shushybye King rules over SHUSHYBYE with love and dedication. He lives in the Shushybye Palace located on a private cloud in Nap Valley. Although small from the outside, the inside of his home is spacious and grand, showing you can never judge a book by its cover.

Conductor McCloud is a wondrous, gentle and nurturing Shushy. He loves his job delivering Shushybye Dream Boxes to sleeping children nightly, and all the Shushies look up to him.

Shushybye Original Music

Composed by Shushybye creator Steve Syatt, Shushybye music is written for parents and grandparents to enjoy along with their babies and toddlers.  Incredibly performed by Shushybye singing star Michael North, Shushybye music ranges from rock, pop and R&B to swing, country and Latin – it’s music to sing along with and tap your toes to…and be sure to stay tuned to the Shushybye Announcement section below for updates regarding live concerts, new music offerings and much more!

Contact Shushybye!

23371 Mulholland Drive, Suite 497, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Telephone: (Toll-Free) 1-866-748-7492

SHUSHYBYE is the land way above the clouds – and the land where the resident Shushies live and make dreams for children. Led by Snoozles, Dozie and Zeez, the Shushies place their completed dreams in Dream Boxes that are sent to children via the Shushybye Train driven by Conductor McCloud as they fall asleep. Nothing brings the Shushies more joy than to make the most wondrous dreams for little ones.

Check it out – and bring home the wonder and magic of Shushybye for your precious little ones!