What Wondrous Fun!

We’re having an absolute blast bringing MOON-FM streaming broadcasts to FaceBook, You Tube – and to our very own Shushybye website!  It’s so awesome to play Shushybye music, take listener calls, feature real newscasters (such as Ken Jeffries of KABC Radio Los Angeles) providing Shushybye ‘news’ – and most of all, to hear from you!  We present the MOON-FM live streams on an irregular basis – but we will always promote them ahead of time on our Shushybye FaceBook page.  HOWEVER…every once in a while, the Shushies will turn on the transmitter to the Shushybye website and deliver an impromptu broadcast!  We invite you to check into the MOON-FM tab on the Shushybye website to see (or hear) this ‘Flash MOON-FM broadcast’ whenever it occurs!  Until the next MOON-FM live stream…Shushybye and Goodnight!

2020-08-10T05:29:47+00:00August 10th, 2020|Moon FM|
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