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One of the most popular bands in Shushybye, The Dreamsters are comprised of PJ THE DJ (who plays guitar and is also the morning personality on Shushybye’s #1 radio station MOON-FM), STARBRIGHT, a groovy flower child who plays keyboards for the band and SNORE, a very poetic Shushy who handles percussion (i.e. bongos) for The Dreamsters. There are lots of other musical acts in Shushybye besides The Shushybye Dream Band and The Dreamsters…musical performers such as blues singer Beddie Bye King, song and dance Shushy Fred Asleep, the famed Doo Wop group The Sleeptones and Shushybye’s Beatles Tribute band The Bedbugs. These and other Shushybye artists perform regularly at the evening Pillow Park dances held each night at Pillow Park after the Shushies are done making dreams for the day. Of course, the Shushies dig the sounds of all Shushybye’s awesome musical acts on MOON-FM.

The musical star dream-making Dreamsters are PJ the DJStarbright and Snore (pictured above).


PJStarbright and Snore are members of one of Shushy’s most popular and awesome musical bands, THE DREAMSTERS. They each reflect three different eras of ‘dreamers’ – PJ is cool and contemporary; Starbright is from the 1960’S Flower Power generation; and Snore is the ultra-hip beatnik from the 1950’s.

PJ is the leader of the trio of friends. In the morning, he’s the on-air personality for MOON-FM, Shushybye’s #1 radio station where he spins all the latest hits on the Bedboard Charts. After his shift, he joins his Dreamster band friends Starbright and Snore to rehearse as well as make dreams for children.

With her paisley blouse and bellbottoms, Starbright hands flowers to everyone she meets. She is his highly regarded for her dream creativity, and for being especially kind and caring. When not making dreams and contributing keyboards for The Dreamsters, she can be found at the Shushybye Hospital where she volunteers her time as a candy striper.

Never without his bongos, Snore is known troughout Shushybye as a hip beat poet and percussionist for The Dreamsters. He calls everyone he meets Daddy-O and accentuates his conversation with rhythmic taps on his bongos.

Each day, children think of a Dream Wish that they give to a star in the early evening. The star records each child’s Dream Wish onto a ‘thumb drive’ then races to Shushybye where the Dream Wishes are downloaded and brought to the Shushies.  Conductor McCloud drives the Shushybye Train and Captain John Yawn captains the mighty Dreamery Dream Ship across the stars as they both deliver completed dreams to babies,toddlers and preschoolers everywhere.



He spins the records on MOON-FM as well as emcee’s the nightly Shushybye Dance in Pillow Park. PJ the DJ is ultra hip and digs music. PJ is also an awesome dream maker, as he joins his best friends and Dreamsters band mates Starbright and Snore each day to make dreams for children. A born comedian, PJ uses his comedy skills on the air, as Pillow Park nightly dance MC and in his dream-making. PJ can sometimes be a bit edgy in things he’d like to do for fun, or to do with his dream-making and Starbright finds herself helping PJ to bring it down a notch.


Starbright is a caring Shushy and a bit of a ‘flower child.” She is a volunteer ‘Candystriper’ at the Shushybye Hospital and likes to hand out flowers to everyone. After her shift, she meets up with PJ and SNORE to make dreams. Starbright is acclaimed throughout Shushybye as one of the most creative dream-makers. She also has a bit of a crush on PJ. Funny, kind and mellow, she is the peacemaker whenever she sees confrontations happening. Her favorite expression is ‘Dream On!’ when saying goodbye (which is the Dreamsters’ salutation, it’s just that Starbright really likes saying it). Starbright also likes to say ‘groovy’ a lot.


He’s fun, he’s hip – he’s a ‘beatnik’ throwback from the 1950’s. One of the most creative Shushies in all Shushybye, Snore uses poetry to converse and calls everyone ‘Daddy-o.’ While he may not necessarily show it by his demeanor, Snore is a bit of an intellectual. He likes history – and talks about historical events when making his dreams, which are always quite creative and even a bit esoteric. Snore also peppers his dialogue with taps on his bongos, which he carries with him everywhere. At the Pillow Park concerts, Snore can be seen with his eyes closed swaying his head in time to the music.


A man’s man (or a Shushy’s Shushy), Captain Yawn is larger than life and a real hero. He captains the Dreamery Dream Ship across the skies to deliver Dream Boxes to children as they sleep. Captain Yawn is always there to lend a hand.


A teacher at the Shushybye School, Miss Eve is very dedicated and kind. She is friends with Captain Yawn.


A good friend of PJ the DJ’sSky Blue is the traffic reporter for MOON-FM who flies her Shushy Copter every morning to advise listeners regarding their commute on the starways and surface clouds.


There are 40 Winks that work at the Shushybye Main Library. Wanda Winks (hardy ever without her magic Book Wand) is the head librarian. There’s also Wilamina WinksWilliam Winks, Warren Winks – the 40th Winks in the family is named Bob (as they ran out of names that begin with a ‘W’).

Dream On!