Welcome to the Shushybye Shoppe!!!

The Shushybye Shoppe is where you will discover your favorite Shushybye music…Shushybye Dolls…TV series DVD’s…Shushybye read-along/sing-along books and concert DVD’s!  

To all of our Shushy families enjoying Shushybye Baby on BabyFirst, we welcome you to the Shushybye Shoppe and invite you to bring the music and magic of Shushybye home for the holidays!

Since 2006, The Shushybye Shoppe has brought children and their families hours of fun and years of memories.  We look forward to delivering to your family the special joy of our plush dolls, music CD’s, concert DVD’s and storybooks.

You can order from the fully-secure Shushybye Shoppe and your delivery will be shipped immediately and received within just a few days…And we’re only a phone call away for LIVE customer support available toll-free at 1-866-748-7492 (1-866-shushybye).

Thank you for visiting The Shushybye Shoppe – and for giving us the opportunity of being part of your wondrous family’s entertainment this holiday season.

Shushybye and Goodnight!

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