The Dreamsters Plush Dolls are ready to rock – and go home to your family! (Purchase the Dreamsters set at only $59.85 and save 10% off the individual Dreamster dolls!!).

PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE are three Shushies who live in Shushybye and make up The Dreamsters tock band. When not rockin’ out in Pillow Park, PJ THE DJ is the morning Shushy for Shushybye radio station MOON-FM…STARBRIGHT volunteers her time at the Shushybye Health Center and SNORE writes poetry! PJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE are best friends with three other famous Shushies…SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ!

Your child will love snuggling up with The Dreamsters!