Hello Shushy-ites! Here is the announcement you’ve been waiting for!  Introducing…the all-new SHUSHYBYE BABY TV Series 3-DVD Collection featuring an incredible 56 Shushybye songs performed by MICHAEL NORTH and the SHUSHYBYE DREAM BAND and the newest SHUSHYBYE Band, THE DREAMSTERS (from your SHUSHYBYE favorites to brand new never-before-heard songs that we know you and yours will love) as well as over 40 enchanting, entertaining and educational Shushybye stories starring SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ – along with their colorful new Shushy friends PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT, SNORE and CAPTAIN YAWN… SHUSHYBYE School teacher MISS EVE, the SHUSHYBYE Main Library’s WANDA WINK, THE SHUSHYBYE KING and CONDUCTOR MCCLOUD!  Each of the 26 fun-filled SHUSHYBYE BABY episodes provides important value and child development lessons (such as teamwork and sharing) for toddlers and preschoolers, along with fun-filled vignettes featuring the Shushies, original songs and healthful sleep tips that encourage growing children to look forward to Shushybye time!

All 26 SHUSHYBYE BABY episodes are just under ten minutes each – the perfect length for a toddler or preschooler’s daytime or bedtime viewing. And produced in HD video and audio, the SHUSHYBYE BABY 3-DVD set looks and sounds, well…wondrous!!   And then there’s the SHUSHYBYE BABY 3-DVD set’s bonus material – another six original SHUSHYBYE music videos starring the SHUSHYBYE DREAM BAND and THE DREAMSTERS, along with four of the most popular Shushybye songs in mp3 audio!

56 Shushybye songs in video…more than 40 Shushybye prosocial-themed stories enacted by everyone’s favorite Shushies… 4 original Shushybye songs in mp3…and Shushybye’s famous sleep-encouraging songs and messages for toddlers and preschoolers – captured in full HD video and stereo audio