• Everyone loves DOZIE!  She's a wondrous dream-maker - and an expert baker of cookie and cakes! She's 16 inches, soft, cuddly and colorful - as well as durable and safe! Welcome DOZIE home to your child today!
  • He's the morning on-air personality for the #1 radio station in all Shushybye...MOON-FM!  He's emcee's the Nightly Shushybye Dances in Pillow Park...and he's an all-around, cool, kind and caring Shushy friend to all - he's PJ THE DJ!  PJ is now available individually from the Shushybye Shoppe!  The 16" super-soft, super-safe, sweet and cuddly plush Shushybye doll is ready to go home to your Precious One!
  • The SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ 16" Shushy Plush Dolls are now available for immediate delivery! (Purchase the Shushies doll set and save 10% off the individual Snoozles, Dozie and Zeez dolls!!).

    Produced with love and care, the 16” Shushybye and Dreamster dolls are manufactured with the highest quality materials for safety and durability. The Shushybye dolls can only be purchased from The Shushybye Shoppe! Snoozles, Dozie and Zeez all look forward to going home to you in July!
  • The ultimate collection for any Shushybye fan! This package features Shushybye’s most popular sights, sounds and wondrous plush dolls.  The Shushybye Signature Dream Collection includes:
    •  The Shushybye Dolls Set
    •  The acclaimed Shushybye Bedtime Storybook and ReadAlong Audio CD, Shushybye: Close Your Eyes signed by Shushybye creator/songwriter Steve Syatt
    •  The much-beloved SHUSHYBYE BABY 3-DVD set featuring all 26 episodes of the hit BabyFirst TV series!
    •  The multi award-winning Shushybye Dream Band Concert DVD
    •  The all-new Shushybye & Goodnight Deluxe Edition Music CD
    One of The Shushybye Shoppe's most popular offerings, The Shushybye Signature Dream Collection has it all -- all 26 of the wondrous BabyFirst Shushybye Baby episodes...the critically-acclaimed and beloved live Shushybye one-hour stage concert...and your family's Shushybye favorite tunes!  Plus, the best-selling Shushybye ReadAlong/SingAlong hardcover storybook (with a glow-in-the-dark front cover!) is signed by Shushybye creator Steve Syatt! Purchased separately, the full collection would cost $80.87 -- you save 15%!!
  • Bring SNOOZLES home today! SNOOZLES is the Dream Ambassador for Shushybye - and Shushy friend to all! The SNOOZLES doll is 16 inches, soft, cuddly, colorful, durable and safe!
  • Get your family's bongos out of storage, because SNORE is now available individually!  All hep cats will dig bringing home this cool 16" Shushybye super-fun, super-colorful and super-safe plush doll.  Come to think of it, you can keep your bongos in storage - SNORE comes with his own!!
  • She's totally far out and groovy...When she's not being creative making dreams for children, she's busy volunteering her time at the Shushybye Health Center...She's sweet and sophisticated...She's STARBRIGHT!  Now available individually from The Shushybye Shoppe, STARBRIGHT is a 16" simply wondrous plush doll ready to come home to your simply wondrous child!
  • The Dreamsters Plush Dolls are ready to rock - and go home to your family! (Purchase the Dreamsters set at only $59.85 and save 10% off the individual Dreamster dolls!!). PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE are three Shushies who live in Shushybye and make up The Dreamsters tock band. When not rockin' out in Pillow Park, PJ THE DJ is the morning Shushy for Shushybye radio station MOON-FM...STARBRIGHT volunteers her time at the Shushybye Health Center and SNORE writes poetry! PJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE are best friends with three other famous Shushies...SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ! Your child will love snuggling up with The Dreamsters!

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